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Prince William seals engagement with Diana's ring

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Putera Wlliams akhirnya memeterai pertunangan dengan Kate Middleton.Baginda menyarungkan cincin milik ibunya,mendiang Puteri Diana sebagai tanda pertunangan.

ANOTHER ROYAL WEDDING! Well, as you can see, we are about to see another royal wedding next near after the wedding of Prince William's parent, Prince and Princess of Wales; (Prince Charles and Lady Diana)

Im guessing that Kate Middleton is the first bride with Brunett hair, i think. From what i concerned, all the previous royal's brides were either red, or blonde. Not a darker one. But hair colour doesnt matter isnt it. Even P. Charles is a Brunett/Brown.

We've seen the royal weddding of England, we've seen the royal funeral, and next year we're gonna see another generation's royal wedding of Prince William, the second line throne's wedding.

Mm.. macam mana la agaknya the bride outfit kan? Can you guess?? Since its a royal wedding, i think royal bride would opt for something traditional but with a modern twist. Laces, crystals tiara. etc etc. But not to worry, its the royal wedding, everything must be taken with care, everything will have just look, PERFECT.

A close-up of Kate Middleton's engagement ring (left), which was previously worn by Prince William's mother Diana, the Princess of Wales (right). 



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