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Saturday, October 2, 2010

Short Chin Length Hairstyles

Women and Short Hairstyles

When women think of short hairstyles, what usually comes to mind is hair that is cut way above the shoulders or even those extremely short pixie cuts that often scares women away from a shorter cut. Long flowing hair can produce some very charming looks but women should be aware of some very beautiful short hairstyles that are not too short, fall slightly below chin length, and are very trendy and chic. The longer length allows for more complimentary hairstyles that can be styled with certain features to either enhance the facial area or soften certain facial features.

Many women change to shorter hair only after a life changing event or are looking for a huge change in life which is ok but women need to realize that short hairstyles offer the same charming looks as other looks and is actually easier to manage. Women who go through breakups, are going through personal problems, or are looking for a dramatic change will often change their hair to shorter looks no matter if they are the average women working a 9 to 5 or an award winning celebrity. Many celebrities have turned to trendy shorter hairstyles as well. Shorter hair lengths do produce a totally different look but not one that loses any style points to other looks. Women looking for a new and refreshing hairstyle should definitely consider going with shorter hair. That is why women should consider these trendy, chin length short hairstyles no matter what the decision for change is.

Short Chin Length Hairstyle

brittany murphy
Brittany Murphy has been seen in some very stylish short hairstyles and this one is right between short and medium in length. This is a super simple cut featuring an off-center part with a little volume. The hair is given texture and combed down both sides with just a little strand that teases the eye region. The hair on the other side is opposite of the styled side and is placed behind the ear. Women should take note on the dark roots which is a strong contrast with the blond hair color. This is what creates that extra touch of this hairstyle. Women will find this hairstyle very easy to style and a refreshing change. Some styling mousse, a brush, and a blow dryer will suffice in creating a similar look once the right hair cut is in place.
Chin Length Bob Hairstyles
katie holmes
This is an incredible hairstyle worn by Katie Holmes and shows how to change up the chin length bob to create an alluring style. Katie takes this chin length bob and adds a sleek off-center part that is then pinned behind the ears. The sleek front part sweeps slightly over her forehead and really brings out her delicate facial features. The hairstyle also combines perfectly with the one shoulder strap dress and big loop earrings. She has used this simple hairstyle and created a trendy look that compliments her whole attire. Women often do not realize how a simple change in their current hairstyle can produce many other, lovely hairstyles. Styling the hairstyle is not hard either using some styling products and a round brush to create the sleek look at the front and the comb the hair behind the ears. Many women will find this short trendy hairstyle very flattering.

Salon Creation - Layered With Wispy Ends

jamsison shaw chin length
This hairstyle is a creation from Jamison Shaw Salons who has many lovely hairstyles that can be seen in the gallery. The hair features lively hair that is styled with a long, sweeping fringe that does wonders for facial framing. The hair is given texture and sections that spread out the locks and the ends are styled with gel to give definition and flare. This short hairstyle is full of energy and a job well done by Jamison Shaw. Women will find many similar short length hairstyles that use features like the defined ends and sweeping fringe to creating softening effects.

Short Curly Hairstyle

short chin length
This hairstyle is a great example of using different styling methods on various sections of hair to produce a look that combines all the sections into a premiere look. Emilie de Ravin uses this gorgeous hairstyle to match her demure look but the hairstyle is versatile enough to match any style. The front of the hair features great facial framing and softening features by using the slightly angled fringe to cover the forehead region and focus attention to the eyes. The locks are curled and have a springy look and the ones near the front are styled close to the face. This hairstyle does an excellent job at facial framing which is why it is flattering to many facial shapes but it does not do well with showing off earrings or other accessories. Styling will require a curling iron, some styling products, and a brush to create the fringe and hair separation. Women will find the hairstyle more time consuming to create but the hairstyle does show just what can be done with trendy short hairstyles.

Shoulder Length Medium Hairstyles

Current Trendy Medium Hairstyles

Trendy medium hairstyles often come and stay fashionable for some time before disappearing and these hot looks will often start on a celebrity. There are plenty of trends that come and go because medium length hair is very versatile and can be styled in shag, with choppy locks, with fringes, and with lots of other styles to create flattering hairstyles. An example of one of the hottest trends for medium hairstyles was the one worn by Jennifer Aniston as Rachel Green in the sitcom Friends. Her medium shag hairstyle was so stylish at the time that many women of all ages rushed to have the same cut. A current example is the medium hairstyle with a wide, swept fringe and locks slightly curled inwards at the ends which can be seen on many celebrities including Nicole Richie.

Women looking for the trendy medium cuts should first consider if the style is complimentary for their individual facial shapes, style, and age as some of these trends are really more fitting towards different aspects. Women should first look at facial shape and determine if the hairstyle opens up the facial area or uses a fringe or other features to soften facial areas. Many medium hairstyles rely on the fringe to produce more flattering looks and will often combine styling methods like curls, sleek appearances, and layers. Some of these medium hairstyles are more fitting for older women while some for younger but there are quite a few that are versatile enough to fit all age ranges and individual styles.

Plain Medium Hairstyle

rachel stevens medium hair
Medium hairstyles can be combined with so many different styling methods but the simplest ones can often be some of the most beautiful ones and Rachel Stevens shows just how it is done. This simple cut features hair that comes to shoulder length and is allowed to fall down with natural looking bends. The hair features a sleek appearance and is parted slightly off-center with some of the front strands falling over the facial area. The hairstyle is very simple but very complimentary to many facial shapes while creating a very charming look. Styling is easy as well as all that is really required is some gel and a brush to style the hair just a little and to keep the strands in place. Extra shine can be added to the hairstyle using a flat iron and some styling products to keep the hair sleek.
Runway Medium Hairstyle
The hairstyle here comes straight from the runway of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week and is a chic option for shoulder length hair. The style is very simple with a center parting, layers, and a light twist through the tresses. The level of waviness can be changed to create many unique looks but this one keeps it simple with areas of definition including the ends. Many women will love this cut for the beautiful look produced and how it is low maintenance.

Salon Creation – Choppy Medium Hairstyle

jamison shaw medium length
Medium hairstyles fit well with many styles and the choppy cut is no different as shown by this lovely creation by Jamison Shaw Salon. The hairstyle features many similar components found on most medium length hairstyles and because the length is not too short or too long, allows for lots of different styling methods. The hair in the front including the fringe feature choppy strands and brings about a more blunt appearance. The hair on the sides is styled towards the facial area behind the side of the cheeks which opens up the jaw line and cheekbones which some women might not favor. The hairstyle shows how changing some parts of the hairstyle still produce a fabulous look. This is an outstanding job by the hair stylists at Jamison Shaw Salon.

Sleek Medium Cut

mcadams should hair
The sleek look is a favorable addition to medium hairstyles that gets really trendy every now and then and here Rachel McAdams shows a very close fitting one that frames the facial area to almost a max. The layered cut features dark, shiny hair that falls down and trims against the face down to the shoulders. The wide fringe masks most of the forehead and brings out the eyes, cheeks, nose, and lips as the hairstyle does not have many flashy features. This sleek hairstyle does its job of covering up key areas, keeping the hairstyle simple, and creating an alluring look. The hairstyle is not hard to style either and a round brush or flat iron can really help create this look. Adding the sleek look to a medium cut and combining this with a fringe definitely creates flattering hairstyles lots of women will love.

Long Curly Hairstyles

Long Curly Locks

One of the most gorgeous ways of styling hair is to add different levels of curls to the long locks and allow the flowing hair to fall down. Not all women are lucky enough to have beautiful, flowing hair but those that do should use this hairstyle as often as possible as it does create gorgeous looks like those found in commercials. The key to long flowing hairstyle is the degree of curls added throughout the locks. The curls are one of the key components and really determine how the hairstyle looks. The degree of the curls can range from minimal looking bends throughout the hair that create a more natural look to very tight curls that run deep through the locks of hair.

Basic Long Curls

Bowen with long curly hair
Lots of women go out for the day with added curls to their long hair. This requires minimal effort and just a little styling using a curling iron and maybe some hair styling products. This simple example of a long curly hairstyle is worn by Andrea Bowen and shows the simplicity of the look. Many long curly hairstyles like this one are popular choices for everyday wear and social gatherings as well. The hair is brushed smooth and ¾ of the hair is curled in larger sections and tousled. A section of the hair in front is styled slightly over the forehead. The hair is parted off-center but there are many ways to part the hair including a sleek mid-part or brushing straight back. This also changes how the entire hairstyle appears.
Long Thick Curls
Rossum with long curls
This next hairstyle shows the use of curls on thicker hair to create a lovely look that compliments necklines very well. Emmy Rossum can be seen in many long curly hairstyles and this is just another beautiful one in her collection. The hair is parted through the middle with a little lift throughout the top. A big section of the hair is curled with smaller angle curls and then tousled together. Emmy has thicker hair that can be combined with bigger curls or looser curls and then tousled to produce attractive hairstyles. Women will find that by adding some texture and definition to individual locks will create very detailed hairstyles that stand out more and more fitting for higher end events. For long curly hairstyles like this one, do a search for Emmy Rossum and there are plenty of hairstyles to browse through.

Salon Creation – Lengthy Curls

jamsison shaw long curly locks
The stylist at Jamison Shaw really did a fantastic job with this hairstyle and really shows great use of varying curls to create a finished look. The hair is parted through the middle with some lift at the front locks. The hair is styled close the face with plenty of texture and light curls at the top of the locks. The longer strands are spruced with narrow, long curls by twirling the sections of hair around the curling iron in longer strands. This creates the longer bottom sections that can be tousled or given more definition by adding some gel to the ends. This long curly hairstyle actually works well for many hair types including thinner hair as well and is a viable option for most social gatherings.

Natural Looking Bends

shakira with long curly  hair
Light bends and curls added to a hairstyle really create some of the most alluring looks possible and this can easily be proven by Shakira in this hairstyle. She looks ravishing and combines easy flowing locks and a great dress to bring out one of her best looks. Shakira is usually seen in really tight, wild curls but with this hairstyle she has straightened the hair out quite a bit and infused small bends and curls to the smooth locks to fashion an incredible polished look. The front is parted through the center and lifted up from the roots. Many women look gorgeous in this hairstyle and not only can it be worn for a day of shopping but is red carpet ready as seen here on Shakira. Some tips for this hairstyle include using a shine serum to let the hair reflect light at certain turns and adding definition to the ends with some gel. A curling iron or even a flat iron can be used to create the light bends through the locks. Overall this is one of the best hairstyles for elegant occasions without having to tie the hair back in a chignon or updo.


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