LeaVe yOuR LiNk... I wiLL fOllOw yOu... I wiLL reVieW yOuR bLOg...

in LoVe wiTh CHANEL..

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Guest what?? This is my dream handbag and wallet. Chanel Lambskin Jumbo Maxi Classic and Chanel Wallet. I wish to buy the "Original" Chanel but I can't afford it. So  i decide to buy the grade AA imitation Chanel. Belum beli lagi, tapi masih lagi mencari yang betul2 berkualiti seperti Original Chanel. Dah jumpa tapi masih lagi nego dengan harga.. Hehehe.. Hope can wear my new Chanel Handbag and Wallet by early next year. Yeah!! 
Chanel Wallet

Chanel Lambskin Jumbo Maxi Classic


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